– Cancel your credit card before they charge you again

How can anyone have anything returned if all you are provided with is the customer service email address. Please read this conversation I had with interest. I implore those who have been conned to cancel their credit cards so that further deductions from your account cannot occur.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with ‘Jake’
Jake: Welcome to Ziinga! How can I help you?
gezzbear: Hi Jake, I have read a lot of negative blogs in relation to Ziinga around the world – how can I be sure that this site is not a scam?
Jake: Please be informed that Ziinga is verified by Thawte, a leading global Certification Authority making the Web a secure place to do business. We make use of 128-bit encryption to make sure data in your transactions remains private and confidential at all times.
Jake: More information are included in the Terms & Conditions, FAQs and How To page. How the website works and complete policies are made available and are clearly provided to our users. We encourage our customers to read all necessary information before completing any transaction.
gezzbear: I understand that – i do not understand why the site is asking for scanned copies of the front and rear of credit cards. My bank has an automated action that requires me to confirm that I have requested the transaction. I don’t believe that further verification is required as – If I can prove that there has been a fraudulent transaction on my account my bank will refund the monies
Jake: We are asking you to send us copies of documents for verification purposes
Jake: As we have a one gift per house hold policy.
gezzbear: I understand that, however, I have provided the site with my credit card in good faith – it would appear to me that if I don’t provide the company with what “they require” whether it falls under the consumer affairs office or not you will hold a reasonable person to ransom. Enough detail has been provided to the company to identify who I am.
Jake: When you signed up you agree on our terms and conditions. It’s stated there that for promotional won item you need to provide the required documents.
Jake: The documents is due to one gift per house hold policy they need to confirm their identity by sending the documents as a proof.
gezzbear: I actually signed up upon the offer of a computer at a certain price and that was not forthcoming – Policy within your company does not over ride actual Acts of Parliament. To this point I have not received any further documentation from your company. With identity theft being rampant across the globe – your proof of id story seems to have been concocted from a piece of paper not from protection of your customers
Jake: Do you have an account with us?
Jake: All the details about the membership, its benefits and charges, are shown on the Payment page and in your receipt. More information are included in the Terms & Conditions, FAQs and How To page. How the website works and complete policies are made available and are clearly provided to our users. We encourage our customers to read all necessary information before completing any transaction. Furthermore, an e-mail receipt is sent to our customers upon purchase as a reminder about the membership charges and the 7-day free period. There is no intention to deceive as all necessary information is communicated to our customers.
gezzbear: YOu have now posted the same facts for a second time and failed to even provide a reasonable answer to what has been stated. I now require the name of your manager and a contact address (non email) in which I can escalate this matter further – you are being extremely obstructive. This is no way to treat an account holder.
Jake: You can send email to us at
gezzbear: Again, your obstruction is noted and will be forwarded to relevant parties. I ask again for a Managers name and an actual street and building number in which the office is related to-not some email address in which someone will be petulant and attempt to treat the customer (who is always right) with contempt.
Jake: ok.
Jake: That I can’t provide that’s why if you have a complaint you can send an email to us.
gezzbear: Please explain why your company fails to provide a mailing address. Is this because the site is not legitimate- you continue to obstruct – natural justice and procedural fairness. If you are unable to complete my request I ask that I am put in touch (straight away) with your manager.
Jake: with regard to the address, Suite 238, Vincenti Buildings, 14/19 Strait Street, Valletta VLT 08, Malta.
gezzbear: Thank you – what is the Australian subsidiary for this company?
Jake: This website is owned by Flamingo Intervest Ltd., OMC Chambers, P.O. Box 3152, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands and partly managed by Auction Management Ltd.
gezzbear: That is fine – however, this site comes up as – who is in charge of the Australian arm. Clearly most people are not prepared to send their credit card details overseas due to the high proportion of identity theft. What measures have the company put in place to match the expectations of the Australian laws?
Jake: We don’t as this a international company.
gezzbear: So the company chooses to impart what it wants on unsuspecting consumers and withholds goods if they do not meet what the company wants.
Jake: You can check our company on our website “about us”.
gezzbear: I have Jake – this all seems to be a stalling procedure as you have failed to answer any of my direct questions. I am aware of numerous forums that state your company does not deliver on its goods and requests far too much information from its “Customers” I must say I applaud the automation in your reponses – however, it still does not offer any reasonable resolution
Jake: Everything is on our terms and conditions.
Jake: To summarize everything, we will not send the item, if you will not send the documents.
gezzbear: You really are a parrot arent you – no answer provided – Where are you based
Jake: Malta.
gezzbear: So who manages the Australian arm of the business?
Jake: I told you we don’t have.
Jake: Please be advised that we stand by our decision regarding this matter. Our decision is also in line with our Terms and Conditions which you have agreed on upon signing up with Ziinga. We have not in any way amended our terms and conditions therefore these information were clearly stated when you paid for the won auction.
gezzbear: So it stands to reason that when the hard questions are asked you hide behind terms and conditions that cannot be tried and tested in other countries. This has been an extremely enlightening experience. May you enjoy hiding behind your keyboard and half baked replies. I once again request the name and contact details of your superior.
Jake: We can’t provide that to you. That’s why I’m suggesting to send email to us.
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

Submitted by: Michelle

11 Responses to “ – Cancel your credit card before they charge you again”

  1. brian says:

    my credit card has been charged for 2 months for this service. and have not used it at $92.05

    • Diane Johnson says:

      Hi just also found over£200 debited from my bank account n that were just to cancel my account wiv just want 2 make sure my account is terminated wiv ASK-ZIINGA.COM. Would you please cancel any account outstanding(i know theres not)and any account in my free 7 days free trial(which is not up yet). Thanks,if it is not cancelled i will take legal action for.

  2. Dulce Isaac says:

    Hi just found from my bank account that you taking my every month without my permission. Would you please cancel it as soon as possible or I will take legal action for that.

  3. Pani Te Haara says:

    Hi. Large amounts of cash has been withdrawn from my account & I would appreciate u cancelling as soon as possible. Permission was not authorised for you to do so.

  4. Pat Patterson says:

    Who are these people??!! They got me for $340.76 and I don’t even know who these crooks are. I’ve cancelled my credit card and vowed no more on-line transactions… with anyone!

  5. Viegas says:

    hello guys!
    Be very careful when hiring a service or purchase with the credit card on site “” because the trick is to hide the real intentions.
    I requested a coffee machine for only 11 euros plus shipping costs on site “” This amount would be deducted from your credit card the following month.
    Result … I have not received any equipment and I have cashed by credit card over 200 euros over 4 months!!
    Because when you accept the terms and conditions in small print and often we d´ont read to the end, I committed to accept a monthly subscription to be eligible to bid.
    Do not go after “auction” because there are no “miracles” ….!

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