Ask Ziinga – never got what I ordered

I went to the website of Ask Ziinga during September 2011 and ordered a steam iron from them and gave my creditcard information for the payment of R660.00. They never sent me the steamiron, but deducted that amount from my bankaccount They also take that amount from my account every month. I never gave them permission to do so. I want my money back. I tried to send an e-mail to, but the mail would not go. found that address ina website of Ziinga. I have to create another live account and supply them with my IP address, etc. One of their websites even says that if you hav’nt bought anything, they will refund you. I don’t want to buy anything from them, this is a scam. Just pay me my money back.< By: Kobus

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  1. Emmanuel SILLAH says:

    I am writing to Cancel my details or any form membership I did not consented or know about. I made an order/purchase of about £2 and I never received the item directly or indirectly to date (21/02/2012).

    Please, cancel my details and stop fraud action on my account. I did not enter a contract with ASK-ZIIGA.COM or authorised any payment to be made for what I did not purchase or received.

    I did not give my detailes to enter a contract or register as a member of ASK-ZIIGA.COM and I did not made any transaction with ASK-ZIIGA.COM additional sum of £59.99.

    I had made effort to contact on phone to cancel my records with ASK-ZIIGA.COM but number was unreachable and effort was unsuccessful because contact number supplied was not valid.

    Emmanuel SILLAH

  2. frank dover says:

    go near my bank account i will be going to the police ass holes

  3. mike8473 says:

    This is a scam for sure, i placed a bid and automatically won my item. When i went to check membership, i noticed that i was charged 89.99 for a membership, and just found out it’s for a 3 month contract, i never consented to this at all.,, As for the item i supposely won, i still did not receive it and its saying its not available, but yet the money was taken off my credit card,,,this a real scam be careful

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