Ask Ziinga – This site is worthless

I went to the website of Ask Ziinga during September 2011 and ordered a steam iron from them and gave my creditcard information for the payment of R660.00. They never sent me the steamiron, but deducted that amount from my bankaccount. They also take that amount from my account every month. I never gave them permission to do so. I want my money back. I tried to send an e-mail to, but the mail would not go. found that address ina website of Ziinga. I have to create another live account and supply them with my IP address, etc. One of their websites even says that if you hav’nt bought anything, they will refund you. I don’t want to buy anything from them, this is a scam. Just pay me my money back. The next piece of information from their website:

What is
Ziinga is a web based auction where brand new, highly desirable products sell for a small fraction of the market price.

Why is charging me?
Ziinga is charging you because you have signed up for a special offer which includes FREE bids, Bid for FREE auctions, discounts on bid packages and FREE shipping. This special offer comes with a 7-day free membership after which an upfront payment for the monthly membership fee will be automatically deducted from your credit card.

How can I cancel my subscription?
You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time by contacting our Customer Service by email at or by phone. You may also unsubscribe by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

What is Ziinga’s 100% Money Back Guarantee?
Our 100% Money Back Guarantee will provide you a total refund if you claim it by contacting our Customer Service. Ziinga will quickly refund the fees as long as you have not used any of your bids or any of the listed membership benefits.

How is Ziinga secured?
Ziinga is verified by Thawte, a leading global Certification Authority making the Web a secure place to do business. We make use of 128-bit encryption to make sure data in your transactions remains private and confidential at all times.

By: Kobus

9 Responses to “Ask Ziinga – This site is worthless”

  1. Edward Feathers says:

    I did one of your free bids and thought i had won a phone for £6.72 and then you took another £59.99 out of my account without my permission. I would like my money back

  2. jean bade says:

    they are 100% ripping thousands of people outta their hard earned money, its bullshit when they say they will refund your money if your bids remain untouched, mine were and im worn out with there attitude and downright lies they keep telling me, they took £159.89 out of my bank account for that i got nothing, they have the worst customer services ive ever dealt with in my life they just skip round your questions never giving a straight answer and talk down to like your stupid or maybe 5yrs old. i couldnt even begin to tell you about them so i just warn anyone reading this please, DONOT EVEN VISIT THIS SITE, they will scam you and rip you off, empting as much as they can out of your bank accounts, you will never get what youve bid for and just end up like me going over and over the same crap. i wanted the managers name and mailing address, to which they responded, that the name was not available to the public, does that speak for itself, ive called him all the names i could think of and then challenged him to sue me for definition of character, not a chance, because everything i said was true, hes a yellow bellied scamming frauding decieving, ripping off bastard to name but a few of what i called him. please stay away.

  3. sabre1958 says:

    please cancel my credit card details.thank you.

  4. sabre1958 says:

    i also want to unsubscribe from ziinga.

  5. Mary Quigley says:


  6. Mary Quigley says:

    Please cancel this so called subscription which I know nothing about. I have been charged £58.99 to my Mastercard and I would like a full refund. I await your acknowldgement.
    Mary Quigley

  7. jonny says:

    i am hear to give testimony of how i got back my money from the hands of the scammers on the internet. i was scammed of $4500usd on the internet. i wanted a loan to start up a bussiness and i contacted a loan company on the internet. i beleive in them and also trust them, they told me what to do and i did all. i never knew that they were scammers the took all my money from me, i later went down to the grass where i started from. they did not send me any money instead they keep telling me that they will send me my loan amount to my bank account. i was frustrated i have to sell my property just to survive in this life, due to my suffer and what am passing through a friend of my who was scam before told me how he got back his money from this scammers, he told me that it was a spell caster who he contacted help him got back his money, i do not believe in this i just want to try my best may be it is true. so i contacted them traditionalspellcaster , they told me that i should not worry that i will get back my money from this scammers that i should just have faith in them. so they told me what to do before thay will cast the spell and i did all of that, they told me to send the scammers email adress, thier name and also thier contact i send them all and also the name they use in collecting my money. i send them all this and they told me that they have casted the spell. after 1 week i was in my room to check my mail, then i say that they written me mails i was suprise then i open the mail to read them then i saw that they started to beg me on the mail that thier life is no longer having peace that thier is a sprit chasing them and have killed one of thier member due to the money they have collected from me, that they are ready to send me back my $4500usd they have collected from me, i never know what to say at that moment it was like a dream to me. so they told me to send them them what will they use in sending me back my money, so i gave them the neccessary information for them to deliver my money to me, after 4 days i got a message from my bank that $4500usd have been deposited into my account it was still a dream to me, until i got to the bank for confirmation and it was real. i relly thank this great spell caster for getting back my money to me. now i can now leave in my happy way again. i know that they are many of you who have been scammed by this internet scammer and relly want back your money i want you to contact so that they can help you get back your money, just trust in me as i believe my friend who told me to contact them.

  8. Dellon says:

    I went on to this Ziinga website ans bought BIDS in order to partake in the bidding. After numerous failures from the website i gave up. A month later i am asked to pay an amount for a 3 month membership fee which i was unaware of. I have send this info to Interpol and my lawyers. I will fight this fraud in court if i have to.

  9. terrianne says:

    Please cancel my credit card details and i would like to unsubscribe .

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