IgniteCigs.com – Random credit card charges

I supposed to be getting the starter kit to try it out and see if it was something that I would be interested in. They were only supposed to charge me 5 bucks for this trial and now I am seeing multiple charges on my card from these jokers. There was one for over 100 bucks and another for about 70. I can’t stand when companies do this. They lure you in with a small charge and then just start charging you for shit you don’t want or didn’t order.

Submitted by: Brad

2 Responses to “IgniteCigs.com – Random credit card charges”

  1. Roncollins says:

    Same thing happened to me and I am assuming every body else that asked for “a free trial”. You can see the add at http://www.lifestyle-journals.com/?p=1658.8c1=mad.

    Call the SOB’s and have them take back the stuff and remove you from thier list or they will do the same thing every so many months.

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